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  1. The constant low stress injection molding process fills the mold slowly to allow the material to cool, densify and settle because it goes, which also ends in lighter parts. Thanks to the easy-to-use app, broad range|a variety} of users can benefit from BASF’s in depth simulation experience for injection molded parts. Within seconds, the totally graphical internet tool offers customers preliminary suggestions into the mold-filling behavior and permits to grasp the interplay between design, materials alternative and producibility. By serving to to detect issues early within the product development phase, the app Sweaters speeds up the design process and might save costs and time. With “molded”, BASF launches its first web-based ​simulation app ​for injection molded parts. The design for manufacturing app permits to detect errors at early phases of the part development, iterate fast and thereby shorten time to marketplace for BASF customers.

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